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About Us
About Us  

¡° LOPE¡±  is  one  of  the  Brand  of  HANGZHOU  SANYUAN  CABLE  CO.,  LTD  and  HANGZHOU  AI  DUN  TRADE  CO.,  LTD.  And  also,  we  have  ¡°SANYUAN¡±  Brand.

Hangzhou Sanyuan Cable Co., Ltd is specializes in producing wire TV cables. The company is located in Lin¡¯an city, western suburb of Hangzhou, enjoying favorable geographical position and convenient transportation.

With complete infrastructure facilities and domestic advanced physical foaming production line, Sanyuan company manufactures ¡°SANYUAN¡± brand CATV physical foaming coaxial cable of the fourth generation, including SYWV(Y)-75-5,-7,-9,-12 series (Aluminum- tube type, Aluminum belt type, Four-screened type and self-supporting type) etc. Sanyuan cable sell well not only in more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions at home, but also in the overseas market, gaining more and more popularity from customers.

Upon the supervision and tests by Ministry of Broadcasting&Television and State Technology Supervision Administration, Having passed ISO9002 International Quality Management System Authentication. Sanyuan company boasts strong technical strength, human power and material resource guarantee.

Company¡¯s Quality Policy: Manage the first-rate in the country, Be in the lead in quality, Meet the needs of the customers and Take part in international competition.

Quality Aim: The quality management is carried out by ISO9002, and the products is produced by international standards.

The company will make constant self-improvement, stepping towards achieving its new objects.

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